Copy data to seperate column, split() string by Space?

Hey there-

I’m trying to maintain column “Location” as is, and create 2 virtual columns.

Right now data auto-populates in Location as “200B 2A”
I’m trying to use the Split() function to separate that into a 200B column and a 2a column without affecting the source column.

Does anyone have any tips?

**Quick Tip: Ensure your new virtual columns are added to your slices.

Provided you have that extra 2 columns in your gSheet back-end, you can below expressions in the AppFormula property of those columns:

IFS(ISNOTBLANK([Location]),INDEX(SPLIT([Location]," "),1))

IFS(ISNOTBLANK([Location]),INDEX(SPLIT([Location]," "),2))
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Thank you for your help!

I tried the above, but it produced nothing. Am I supposed to somehow duplicate the Location column data into the other two columns, then apply the formula?
How would I do that if the Location column is dynamic?

Levent’s first formula would go in your first VC, and second formula into the second VC.

Doesn’t matter actually. If you have physical columns in your gSheet, you can use both formulas in AppFormula where in each edit of the record, AppFormulas will be re-computed. If you don’t have a physical column, than Virtual Column (VC) is the only option.

What do you mean with “…if the Location column is dynamic…”?

I’ve tried creating the columns by hand as well as virtually.
This is what I get when adding two virtual columns with their respective formulas:

By dynamic I mean the location column has records coming in perpetually.

OK. If you are referring to a column in the same table, remove the [_THISROW]. prefix in front of the [Location] column in the SPLIT expression.

That worked perfectly! Thank you!

You’re welcome @logan_juern. Can you please mark my response as solution? It might be beneficial for other community members as well if and when they search the community with a solution tag. Thank you.

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