Copy & edit action, allow to specify form

Since we cannot change column order directly in a form, and thus are forced to create a slice and a new form view to do so, it makes it very hard to use the “copy this row and edit copy” action. One must instead use the linktoform() expression and manually input all fields (or is there another way?). It would be nice to be able to specify which form view to use for the existing “copy and edit” action.


Why don’t you use LINKTOROW() action and specify the key column and the form view name used by the slice?

Because it is the copy that I’m wanting to edit, not the original.

Do you have a slice that both includes the desired row and has the desired form? If so, perform your copy & edit against that slice.

No I do not Steve, because I want all columns displayed in the detail view (not a slice…or a different slice), but only some in the form view (slice). Thus the need to be able to specify the view.

Here’s how I accomplish what I understand you to want: a slice that includes all columns but only displays select, possibly-reordered columns in a form view.

  1. Add a virtual column to the table of type Show and category Page_Header. Set the Show? property to the formula, FALSE. This will hide the page and any columns on the page in form views, but have no effect on the visibility of those columns elsewhere.

  2. Create a slice on the table and include all columns.

  3. Reorder columns you want hidden on forms below the Show column created in (1), above. This places those columns on the Show page, hiding them by merit that the page itself will be hidden.

  4. Reorder the columns that remain above the hidden Show page column as desired for presentation on the form.

Myself, I do this for almost all tables, and virtually never reference actual the tables in expressions or views.


That’s a great tip Steve! I’ll definitely be using that in the future. What do you put in the VC’s app formula though?

It would perhaps solve some instances of the problem I’m describing, but I still think the original feature request would be a very useful thing to have.

Any benign formula will work for the Show column’s app formula, as its result not used in any way. I use "".