Copy Google Sheets table to Google Cloud MySQL

I’ve always used Google Sheets for Apps. But I’ve got one App that sometimes is taking 1-2mins to sync. Especially on the first sync before delta-sync kicks in.

So I’m considering moving some or all of it to SQL. I’d be interested in knowing other peoples experience of this. Particularly in terms of the time this takes and the level of knowledge required. But also any performance improvements they noticed.

As far as I know you set the SQL database up as a data source, go into the table, select “copy data to new source”. But then do you end up with 2 tables of the same name? Do you have to copy over all the formulas?

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It is easy-peasy. As you said, do the “copy data to new source”. Then all you need to do is re-point the Table in your app to the new Source, from here:

As for performance boost, I certainly don’t have any hard data, but I will say you get the best increase when you’re using Security Filters. A Security Filter actually affects the SQL query that is used to load the data, whereas on GSheets, it is applied after the data is already loaded.


Thanks @Marc_Dillon :slight_smile:

Does copying the table copy the formulas too?

What formulas?

App Formulas?
It seems you have a misunderstanding of what is actually happening when you do the copy. You aren’t copying anything in the app, nor making any change. You are simply copying the backend data. The only change you are making in the app would be to re-point the Table to the new Source. I encourage you at this point to just try this feature and see what it does and how it works.

Spreadsheet formulas?
I guess you probably don’t mean this since you’re asking about copying to SQL. But I can’t answer either way.

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No. Spreadsheet formulas a meaningless in SQL.

Sorry if im not being clear, or being a bit slow on this. But I wanted to fully understand the process before advising my clients.

Question 1
So if I do the above, what your saying its its only the storage that changes. So formulas like App formula, Show_IF, Valid_IF etc are not affected because the app definition doesn’t change?

Question 2
Do you have to create the SQL table in advance with all the formulas or does the Appsheet copy process do that for you?

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Again, what formulas? Appsheet creates the SQL table for you. However you may want to go in afterwards and edit the exact field types, because it just gives a best guess for them.

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Sorry, meant columns

Awesome @Marc_Dillon thankf for the info and advice :slight_smile: