Copy many rows


Please can anyone help me?

I have a client who organizes conferences.
He has a list of actions to take for each conference.
Each action has a name, a description, an employee who will take it over, a field for whether or not he did it, and a field that shows how many days before the conference date the action should be taken.
There are about 100 actions for each conference.
He wants to have a standard sequence of these actions for each conference and make a copy with all these actions. The only thing he wants to change automatically for all 100 actions is the name of the conference and the date it will be done.
Based on this new date, the deadlines for all actions will change.

What procedure can I follow to make this task easier?


I assume you have a conference table with a child table of tasks? This is not easy but it is doable. I looked at Dynamically Create X Number of Child Records from Parent EnumList with Only 2 Actions! for an example that eventually got me where I needed to go.

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Thank you @LongingToProgram

I will try this


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