Copy multiple rows

Is it possible to copy multiple selected rows with an action ?

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Yes you could add a new row to a table if you choose the same table as a source.

okay, so in a table i can select multiple records in the app en then copy en save those records with an action? How?

Any suggestions on this?

Use an action of type Data: add a new row to another table using values from this row.

Does that action work in bulk edit?

You should be able to use it with multi-select, if that’s what you mean by “bulk edit”. Note that the action will be applied to each of the selected rows individually, rather than acting on all rows as a group.

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I am very keen to see an answer to the original post.

"Is it possible to copy multiple selected rows with an action ?

You have a table where you select multiple ROWS based on some criteria. Maybe even the entire table.
You then need to copy ALL the selected ROWS to another table in a single action.

I do not want to do this with JSON or some other API tool. If I am going to go external I will migrate the data set from a Google sheet, put it in a SQL data bases than then get some flow tools to do the job. If I could use JSON or some of the other suggestions in other threads I would not need a no code tool in the first place.

There was an answer.

Where? There certainly was not one in this thread.

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