Copy Parent and Child To a Different Table


I am trying to copy some information from a “parent table” and then add it to another “parent table” which I have been able to accomplish. However the problem that I am running into is it doesn’t bring over the “child” records.

In plain English. I am trying to create an invoice using information from the previously created work order. The work order has deference tables “time sheet” “Deficiencies & Repairs”. I would like to bring the “time sheet” records and “Deficiencies & Repairs” records over to the newly created invoice. Essentially creating a “copy” of the work order in its current state and allowing additional information to be added.

In this screenshot. It shows how the Time sheet is is referenced to the work order.

In this screenshot it shows the referenced tables i have created to house the new copies of the referenced tables.

How is this possible?

Thank you,

Hi Josh, please check this post…