Copy parent record together with child records ; Action Only, No API, No workflow

I’m afraid I’m still not fully catching up with your own unique case but sounds like there is always a variable involved in your copy operation to determine where rows are finally associated.

What about firing one action first ? This action will create new form with column value in parent row where we pass the values of request fields from the selected parent? The hide those fields in the form and let the user to select out of Dropdown to decide where the destination is. Then save this form. Then upon saving the form it will fire the rest of actions , copy parent along with child’s. At this point of time we know destination. In your working case it looked like to me the user need to select the destination after copies are made. But my case, selection of destination is part of chain of actions.

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In my case, I open up a field in the originating parent record where I can select where to copy things. Then, as part of the action stack, I clear what was selected and reset the flag - to turn off the quick edits.

You could direct someone to a form where they select what to do, then take over the form even save action and enact your action stack there.

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Sure. Back to my original thread, i hope this trick will encourage the creativity of appsheet users.