Copy Record Capability - Premium Package

I have a client needing to copy records several times. In other words they’ll have a parent form and children records in an inline view. In the parent form they’ll indicate they’ll need the children records copied 7 times. Then upon save the records will be copied 7 times and a status field in the parent form will indicate the process has already been completed. Is there anyway I can do this in the Premium Package? The client can absolutely not afford the Pro package.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. A million thanks

This functionality is in development process but we don’t have any exact timeline for it yet.

Thanks Aleksi, this is certainly a heavily requested and much needed feature so we’ll certainly be excited to return to a few of these prospects once the capability is available. Thanks again

@LeventK, do you have any suggestions?

Webhook workflow with invoking AppSheet API is the only solution for now @Steve

Is there any solution now?

In terms of parent / child relationship, is it ALWAYS one parent record has seven child record all the time?