Copy References along with row

Hello Everyone,
Is it possible that when we use action to copy a row, we copy everything includes a virtual column with list value?

or is it possible that we could copy multiple rows?

or is it possible that we could pass the virtual column references to a text value?

Thanks a lot

When you copy the row with an action, it will kind of copying the virtual column as well because when you have created the virtual column to your table, it’s doing the calculation for all rows. That’s why it will be there automatically.

No, it’s not possible to copy more than one row with the same one action at this moment.

For your last question… would you please open this request a little. What would be the case?

Hello Aleksi,
Thanks a lot for your reply.
My app has an Order page and an Order detail page. Order page have a virtual column which reference all the related order details.

I want to give our customers an option to copy their last order. I have tried the copy action. Info in the virtual column is not copy through. So I was wandering that can we pass the info in virtual column to a text value.

So… you are actually trying to copy Order detail records at the same time when the Order is copied. Unfortunately that’s not possible at this moment. It’s in our developing process but it’s not ready yet.

Thanks for your reply Alexis, Iooking forward to using this function in the future :slight_smile: Maybe introduce loop function in action? Just my thoughts