Copy row and change a value in a cell by using a list

Hi guys! I need a little help in a formula in my app.
My app is used for my workers. They have to register every job and time in the app and it is uniqe id (email) spesified/adjusted to each user.
Sometimes they are more than one on a job and they all have to register separatly in their apps. Often they are two on a job and they hav asked for a function where they can choose a coworker from a list to spare registering time for the both of them.
Wich formula can i use in the bakground to fix this? Some kind of copy row and edit the copy? all info in the rows must be the same, but their uniqe id must somehow be changed to the coworker choosen from list of coworkers.
Can anyone help?

Best regards
Linda Strand


You could use LINKTOFORM() deep link for this purpose. Please check this article how it works. You could be like…

LINKTOFORM(“FormViewName”,“Job”,[Job],“Date”,[Date],“Time”,[Time],etc.). You could use this action with the option “Event action”. You can find it from the Form View’s definition. It means it will trigger this action when the form view is saved. You could also use an condition rule for that action like ISNOTBLANK([CoWorker]). That will take care that it doesn’t trigger that action if there are no co-workers added.

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Thank you, Aleksi! I will read up on this and come back with, hopefully, the solution to my problem :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome

This is totally working! But i forgot about my former initial value. IFS “Task” is “example” initial value is always 08:00. How can i incorporate this in your expression?

Try with something like…

Hi Aleksi! I’m doing some changes and i have problems with my linktoform expression.
So i added a virtual hidden column (app). I tried to incorporate uniqueid(key column) like this. “UniqueID”, UNIQUEID() in the expression below. But cant seem to tell if that is working because even if the expression is valid, the test shows me it doesnt work. (Y/N is missing). Have i understood the UniquID setup in expression correctly?

Also i have lot of required fields/value that is not incorporated in the expression. Maybe i have to set up all columns for required value to make it work?

Example of valid expression i’m using:

IFS([Interne]=ISNOTBLANK, LINKTOFORM(“Kinnarps Workflow”, “Date”,[Dato], “Fra”, [Fra], “Til”, [Til], “Ordrenr”, [Ordrenr], “Oppdrag”, [Oppdrag], “Kundenavn”, [Kundenavn], “Rådgiver”, [Rådgiver], “Registrert av”, LOOKUP([Interne], “Montører”, “Primary Column”, “E-mail”)))

You can’t use virtual column as key column because it will generate a new unique value everytime when you you sync the app. If you have required fields, you should either add values with the LINKTOFORM formula or with an initial value. Btw… you should use syntax LOOKUP([_THISROW].[Interne],…) instead of LOOKUP([Interne],…)

But i can use the uniquid expression in my existing formula in the virtual column?
The virtual column is not the key column.

I will check your suggested LOOKUP syntax.

As long as i have the expression set up in a virtual column ref my earlier post. Will the app automatically copy all data, change the “Interne” value and add this as a new row in my Kinnarps Workflow sheet?

Or do i have to set up some form of action to go a long with this?

I am so close to launch my app to all my workers now so i work day and night to get this fixed :slight_smile:

Why would you like to use it with the virtual column? Every time you sync the app, it will generate a different 8-digit value.

I thought i had to, to get it to work :innocent:

In generally… for what purpose is that UniqueID column if it’s not a key column?

Yeah, i think i misunderstood that. I’ve been reading a lot about linktoform expressions and several examples had incorporated the UniqeID column. But maybe for different uses then i guess.
I will leave the key column out of my expression.

Can you see if my understanding below is correct?

As long as i have the expression set up in a virtual column ref my earlier post. Will the app automatically copy all data, change the “Interne” value and add this as a new row in my Kinnarps Workflow sheet?

Or do i have to set up some form of action to go a long with this?

When you copy values from a record with the LINKTOFORM(), it doesn’t create any child records.

Okey, i think you understand that i don’t know what i can do to get my wanted outcome. Maybe i can try doing something like this :slight_smile: And trigger a data action from datasheet to the same datasheet.

It sounds it would be a better approach.

Cannot use that either. For workflow data change or webhook i have to be on pro plan.
And premium is the only option for us atm.

So, i have landed on a temporary solution of changing my history slice, so that the users can see registrations them selves have created and the registrations where they are registered as coworkers in the coworkers registration. Using lookup function to find e-mail linked to name and matching it with useremail.
And i used a expression to get the duration x 2 with an IF expression using duration+duration as long as they just can register one other coworker. This works for the users and for the capture of duration. But i get a bigger manual job in the data sheet for all i have to take care of in that end :slight_smile: