Copy row and paste in edit form

I struggle with this forever now…
I have 2 different sheets: 1 products with al the info called “ABC store”.
The second one is an slice of a google sheets file with locations of boxes called “Overstock-Leeg”.
This second one has a colum with static box numbers, these wont change.

What i would like is to copy some rows of “ABC store” and paste them in an existing row (a box number) in the “Overstock-Leeg” slice.

So i made an action: LINKTOFORM(“Overstock Leeg_Form”, “Naam”,[Name], “ID”, [local_id])

it copies al the info i need, it also paste them in the right places, but it can only make a new row, not edit the existing one.

How can i copy the data to an existing row?

All help is appreciated !

Hi @Maarten_ABC. What about LINKTOROW([row key], "Name of Form View")? That should open up the form view to edit the row with the given key.

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Ill try that! dindnt knew that was a possebility!

Thanks in advance