Copy row to new table and show edits only

I currently have a Bot in one of my apps that will copy the row whenever the entry has been edited by a user and paste it into a new table on sheets so that we can keep track of all the updates to the values.

Is there a way or formula that will only show the value of the column only when if it has been edited. If the value is the same before the edit, it will be empty but if the value has changed, the new table will show its new value.
I tried if([_THISROW_BEFORE].[Value]<>[_THISROW_BEFORE].[Value], [_THISROW_BEFORE].[Value],"") but it does not seem to work.

Thanks in advance.

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Hey Marc,

Sorry that was on typo in this post, I did used the [_THISROW_AFTER] but it does not seem to work.



Try this?

  [_THISROW_BEFORE].[col] <> [_THISROW_AFTER].[col] ,