Copy rows from one table to another

Here’s what I’m trying to do

Blue items are Tables
Black Dashed is a VC of List type

So I want to click an Action button in Plot, which triggers a Workflow. That copies some of the rows from HouseMats into Materials.

So the first step is a work flow that triggers in Plot. This triggers works fine

I’ve also created an Action that will copy a row from the HouseMats to Materials Table. This works if I display the action button and click on each HouseMats row manually.

Where I’m stuck is creating the middle action which does the ‘Execute an action on a set of rows’. The rule should really be where Plot[Type]=HouseMats[Type]. But as that did nothing I even tried Select(HouseMats[HouseMatsID],ISNOTBLANK([Type]), since this is bascially ALL row. But it did nothing either.

The bit I’m REALLY confused about is which table to choose in the ‘Execute an action on a set of rows’ action. I know ‘Referenced table’ seeem to have to be HouseMats, as that is where the ‘add a new row to another table using values from this row’ action is located. But what should I choose in ‘For a record of this table’?

Also as you can see from the diagram I’ve already create a virtual list column that contains the rows I want to copy to the materials table. Yet I don’t seem to be able to make any use of this…

Can anyone suggest where I’m going wrong or is it related to - New Bug Encountered: Action: Execute an action on a set of rows

Why a workflow, which runs on the servers and requires internet connectivity and sync time, rather than just a set of action that run entirely on the device?

Note: action buttons run entirely on the device. If the action button is expecting data produced by a workflow, the workflow must have completed on the server and the device must be synced before the data will be available to the device.

This compares a list to a list. Is that what you want?

Take your point on the workflow. I may ditch it. But the sync thing doesn’t matter in this scenario. The Action is not waiting for anything in the workflow.

So Plot[Type] is a single row. So one Plot[Type] with match many HouseMats[Type]. So maybe I should something use [RelatedHouseMats][Type]?