Copy this row and edit this copy

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I’m using an Action - App:copy this row and edit this copy. I choose a report in List view which opens detailed view with an icon that I call “Dup Sample”. When I tap that it opens a form view (where I’m using tabs page style) for editing. But then when I tap Save there is no action, nothing is saved. I’m not using an expression for “Only if this condition is true”.
What an I doing wrong?



Hi @Fof_Webmaster try putting true in the "Only if this condition is true " box. Does it work if you do that?

(Steve Coile) #3

If the Only if this condition is true is blank, the action will always happen.

I don’t have experience with the App: copy this row and edit the copy action. Does the copy have the same key column value as the original? If so, that could interfere with the saving of the copy.


Hi @Steve , I tried one of mine after clearing the true and it didnt copy to the sheet.

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Adding True doesn’t work. I do use row keys but I can’t tell what is for the copied row because I can’t save it.


@Fof_Webmaster Are you clicking on a row and then the action button to copy the row? What is your key column?

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Yes, see my first post here- I’m clicking on a row then action button. My key is a separate column with initial value UNIQUEID() that creates a random ID. It is best practice to use this kind of key. So surely AppSheet must account for this, i.e. create a new key ID, in its “Action - App:copy this row and edit this copy” function!


Im sorry I dont have any other ideas as to why it is not working. Maybe you will need somebody to look at your app. The ones I have in my apps are working fine.

(Bimo Murti Respati) #9

One of my Action is not working today too
The Action not working after I hit save button… start from today 22 March 2019, yesterday everything was fine…


@Fof_Webmaster If you’re able to see the action button and use it to navigate to the form, it shouldn’t have anything to do with the action condition at that point. Most likely the form thinks something is invalid. In tabbed form style it should try to navigate to the tab and scroll to where the invalid field occurs. Or if the problem is related to the key it should show an error message at the top. Do you see any error message?

If you email with details such as account ID, app name, and steps to reproduce the problem in the app, we can check more directly what’s going wrong.

@Bimo_Murti_Respati the issue with form-saved action was fixed this morning. If you still see the problem please sync the app, fully close it and then relaunch it to make sure you received the fix.

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(Bimo Murti Respati) #11

Yes the issue was fixed, Thank You

(Fof Webmaster) #12

Could the problem be caused because its copying a row with a key column using UNIQUEID() ? There is nothing missing from the required entries and there is no errors showing in the app.


For anyone interested, the save was being rejected due to underlying table permissions. Disabling add and edit permissions causes ‘normal’ paths to the form such as the + or edit button not to be shown, but deep links and navigate actions can still access the form and lead to this situation. It was made more confusing by a bug that caused the error message not to be shown. That bug has been fixed now. Additionally, form views will now show the error message immediately, with all inputs read-only, if accessed in this state. That way the user will not waste time filling out the whole form before being informed of the problem.

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