Copying a custom email Task, wrongly auto-selected "Use Default Content"

I have a Task (an auto-copy from an old workflow), it has a very much not-default content email definition. I copied this Task, and the copy shows up with this:

Turning that selector off shows all of the original email definition. Before a save at least. I don’t even want to know what happens if I save it like that. Seems bad.


This bug is still present.



Thanks for flagging this, will have an engineer look into it.

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Hi @Marc_Dillon and @prithpal
I did the same, copied a task, is still auto-selecting “Use Default content” And its curious because if I disable the button when I call the bot is sending me an email with default content, but if I enable it it sends me the email custumized and with an attachment. It seems like its doing the opposite of the selection.

Are you aware of this?


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@jared FYI


The original bug that auto-selected “Use Default Content” on copy is fixed.

@Guillermo I can reproduce sending the custom content when “Use Default Content” is enabled. I haven’t seen happen the other way around. I’ve filed a bug and will continue to look into it


Thank you for look into it @jared !

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