Copying an entire Bot

Copying an entire Bot seems to create a copy of the Event, a copy of the Process, but NOT copies of the Tasks. Why? Isn’t this entire thing meant for re-usability of the component parts? So why copy the components at all? And why copy some but not the others?



Further, now that I have my copy of the Bot, I’m wanting to change the Event back to the original, so I can then delete the unnecessarily copied Event, but there is no way to easily swap the Event from the Bot, you have to remove it, then add one back in.


This confused me again today. I ended up accidentally editing the Task from the original bot, thinking it was a copy, which of course produced an error, then I had to undo and redo all of that work.


This is one of the major confusion with us, which i addressed when the BOT was in place initially.