Copying app doesnt work, does nothing (not even error message)


im trying to copy my app (via “My apps” and also via manage->author->copy app), tried to copy not deployed and also deployed. In both ways still nothing happens. Doesnt even show me some error or something. Also tried “Make a copy of the data for the new app” checked and unchecked, still nothing. App is called " Hybaj! - Vzor".

What should i do?

Thanks in advance for help! Adam

I was able to make a copy of your app.
Check your account an you will see the copy which is called “CloneHybajVzor”.
Note I omitted the ! character in the name.

Hi, Philip!

Thanks a lot for your help! Seems like the problem was the “!” character. Dunno if you have met this problem before, but it may be worth mentioning it in some article or so…

Once again, thank You!