Copying data from one field to another in an entry form

I am relatively new to Appsheet and I am excited about the prospects. I have been a zoho creator developer for a while, and prefer this experience.

I am trying to replicate something I have done in zoho, but have been unsuccessful so far.

To explain.

I have the traditional set of “billing” and “job” address particulars. I would like to have a button called “same as billing address” (I understand this would likely be a yes/no field. When yes is clicked, it will copy the billing fields into the corresponding job fields. The key, is that I still need these fields to be user editable, in some cases so that I can still have manual entry on the job columns.

I have tried using “initial value” but when i leave and return to the form, it changes the data as it’s no longer “initial”

I’ve done this with an app formula, but I lose the ability to edit the fields.

It would be best if I could execute an action from within the form (which is what I do in Zoho which has an action trigger like “change in data”) but I don’t think triggering an action within a form ux view will work.

Any suggestions would be great or point me to an example app or tutorial, etc. (I haven’t been able to find any so far).

Thank you so much, in advance.

Sounds like you would like to do “Update existing row in another table, using value from this selected row and table column value”

For the moment, Appsheet does not have native “action” to achieve it, but we are able to do using AppSheet webhook, which requires the business plan.

I m afraid I m not answering question, but yes it is achievable.

Once you use webhook, workflow should be like this.

When user want to copy the address value from bill, then place the action to do that. It fires workflow (webhook) to copy value of address and update the address fields in job table with the target ID to select rows.
Just overwrite and insert (so we call update) the value in job table. Still user have ability edit the address on job table, if required.