Copying Images from Facebook or Instgram social media platforms

(Mncedisi) #1

I created an app which allows users to upload their photos so that an album is created for them. How do I make the image column for the photo copy directly from social media platforms like Facebook?

Usually an Image type colum allows one to either take a picture or copy from the phone or machine? I want users to be able to copy directly from their Facebook accounts.

(Levent Kulacoglu) #2

That’s not possible.

(Andrea Ang) #3


You could use zapier to pull the image url directly from instagram, but it only works with new post. However, the workaround is you can *archive the post and then *show it on profile again which will trick zapier into thinking it’s a new post. So far this is the only workaround I have besides doing it manually one by one. Hope this helps. I believe it’s possible for facebook too.