Copying some values from different tables and get them copied in another column table

Dear community,

Is it possible to copy some values from 2 different tables and get them in another table in the same row line?
when I try to do it with an action, it works, but it got copied in separates rows.

I’d like to get like this example:

Table 1: Column Date In: 02/10/2021 === getting copied to table 3

Table 2: Column Date Out: 02/12/2021 === getting copied to table 3

Table 3: Column Date In / Column Date Out
02/10/2021 02/12/2021

I hope to get a solution.

Thank you

Hmmm… not in the manner in which you’re trying to accomplish it - no.

You might check out references, that might help with passing data from one layer to the next.

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Thank you @MultiTech_Visions

I think the way I wanted to explain it’s not possible right now, but with your suggestion, I got closer.

I appreciate your time, one more question can I send you a private message?

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Feel free