Copying Values from one app to another

Hi everyone! I have a problem/theory that needs solving.Firstly,I have 2 apps, one internal and one public facing

My internal app generates a QRCode that directs the user to the public facing one using a key that displays some values (Basically validating if a certificate is authentic or not). At the moment,I am copy and pasting the QR Code/data manually into the public facing app database.

I would like to know if there is any way that I can copy the QR Code automatically to another app’s database (in this case, the public facing app’s googlesheets) through actions/workflows?

I have read this article and would like to know if this is the way to go?

Thanks in advance!

Provided both apps are under the same account, than you can use AppSheet API via webhook workflow rule. Otherwise you need to create a Google Apps Script, publish the code as a webapp and use its URL as a webhook endpoint for your webhook workflow rule.


My apps and their googlesheets are in seperate accounts (I was recommended to create public and internal facing apps in different accounts). Should I combine them or keep them seperate?

Is there an article or steps I may be able to follow?If not I’ll do some reading haha (because I have no clue about scripts or webhooks bleh)

You cannot combine them unfortunately. But a good idea could be sharing the public app’s gSheet with your secure app’s account and then just add the related table to your secure app. Then you can write data to your public app’s gSheet from your private app. Not tested but then a simple AppSheet API workflow rule can even work as the public app’s relevant/associated table will be a part of the secure app.


I’ll try and see what I can do…Thanks for the advice @LeventK

You’re very welcome @Mark12345. Keep us posted about the result.

Your hunch was correct,all I had to do was
(1) Share the public app’s google sheet with the secure app
(2) Add the new table as a new data source (making sure not to add a UX to it haha)
(3) Just a simple action “Add a new row to another table using values from this row”
(4) Workflow to fire the action above
(5) Magic! The table originally from the public app is now updated

Thanks again @LeventK


Glad to see you made it work @Mark12345, congrats!