Correct response that Automation will work even if the ID column is null?

Hi everyone,

I am testing AppSheet Event Addons.
In the process, I got a result that the AppSheet team was not sure if it was the intended behavior, so I’ll share it with you.

Even when I created a row in the spreadsheet with no ID, Automation’s Bot captured the event and executed the Task to send the email.
Of course, the rows I added are not recognized by AppSheet.



I would like to know if it is correct for AppSheet Automation to include this kind of spreadsheet update in its behavior.


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This contradicts how the rest of AppSheet handles spreadsheet rows with no key column value, which is to ignore such rows entirely.



This is surely challenging.

Spreadsheet detect change the row event, but how do we know if we have ID value are with or without. Even before goin to this subject, question is how do we let the spredsheet know which field is actually ID/Key field from appsheet prospective!

I stay tuned with this discusssions.


Adding @Temiloluwa_Otuyelu for some suggestion.

But one thing you could do is to specify a condition on your event definition to filter out updates without ID like this –
Condition = ISNOTBLANK([ID])


Hi @Zhifeng_Lin @Temiloluwa_Otuyelu

Thanks for the sample conditional expression.

However, I believe that the response is a so-called work-around and not an answer to the essential question I want to raise in this thread.

What I’d like to hear from the AppSheet team here is whether AppSheetAutomation should behave towards records without ID or not?

I expect to be ignored, as @steve has suggested.
But also, as @tsuji_koichi pointed out, I understand that it is a technically difficult challenge.

The AppSheet team may not have a final answer yet, but it will be easier to explain to end users if they know what approach we are considering.



yes I totally agree!
If possible, the add-on should follow the same behavior of how AppSheet app itself handles row with no key values, or any other required columns having no values.

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