Could someone please explain the difference b...

(GreenFluxLLC) #1

Could someone please explain the difference between- “#view=Job”

vs LINKTOVIEW(“Job”), and where each can be used?

Are they different syntaxes for the same function? Can either be used as an App link using the ‘App’ column-type to create a launcher?

(GreenFluxLLC) #2

I’m having trouble getting a Deep Link to work to another view in the same app.

[ERROR] The LINKTOVIEW(“Invoice”) app did not load successfully. Please contact the app creator. Unable to fetch app definition: App ‘LINKTOVIEW(“Invoice”)’ was not found.

(Aleksi Alkio) #3

Is it possible that you don’t have that view name in your existing app and then the expression is trying to open the app called “Invoice”.

(GreenFluxLLC) #4

Hi Aleksi. No, I’ve checked that and tried it with several other view names. I can get in-app links to views to work with the “#view=Job” syntax, but not with the LINKTOVIEW() function.