Could you tell me how to apply "App policy" to corporate accounts Forcibly?

Hi AppSheet Community.

Could you tell me how to apply “App policy” to corporate accounts Forcibly?

My customer use Google Workspace Enterprise edition and Appsheet core edition.
He wants to force to prohibition to access his corporate’s apps from outside of corporate user, except for corporate user.

I’ve read article website of this URL.
But I could not understand articles clearly.

Quote HELP website(upper URL):

Customers in corporate and enterprise subscriptions have the ability to manage other AppSheet
accounts under their team through an AppSheet ROOT admin account.
The ROOT admin can set policies that will apply to all accounts in their team.

Does this sentence means customer have to buy “Appsheet Enterprise Edtion Lisence” in order to apply “App policy” to their apps Forcibly?

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Also what/who is ROOT admin account? A Google workspace admin? How do you get these permissions?

thanks for the quick reply!
I think a Google workspace admin can behave as a ROOT admin account does’nt it?
I don’t understand about Appsheet permissions well.
If a user is a ROOT admin account, the user can apply policy forcibly account under the team?

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