Coulmn Width Query


I have a table view as per screen shot below. Is there any way that I can maintain the column order but show the entire contents of ‘Product Description’?


Sorry for the delay, I’m not sure this is currently possible. But if you can, please add a feature request and describe this and any similar desired behaviors. Thank you.


Hi @MauriceWhelan Just checking, do you have your columns set to “Wide” ?

Hi @Lynn. I do yes. I did notice an older thread saying the ‘Save and Verify’ data option will help with this issue. Seems to have helped a bit alright.

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Hi @MauriceWhelan Thats good. I think we still need a way to increase the width of some columns though.

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Hi @MauriceWhelan!

I can’t answer your question but I’d like to share the following “Tips & Tricks” post I wrote because it discusses the need to use “Save and verify” to adjust the width of columns:

You already know about it but I hope others who have not yet learned about what Save and verify does will find my post to be useful.

If a method of increasing the width becomes available, I’d like to add it to this Q&A post of mine. :slight_smile:

Many thanks for this addition @Kirk_Masden

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@MauriceWhelan Is the column “Product Description” of type Text, or LongText?

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@Fabian. It is Text.

If you change it to LongText, you will see a little more text in table view.
And please don’t forget to “Save & verify data” :wink:
Could you then please post an actual screenshot?

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Hi @MauriceWhelan,

From the picture posted by you, it sounds that you are using tablet or fullscreen view to display the data. Also the product description column seems to follow a pattern rather than just a textual description.

In that case you may wish to explore following workaround. You could split the description on say “x” into two or three parts as required. You could then use two orthree VCs to display the description as below

thank you for the suggestions @Fabian & @Suvrutt_Gurjar.

Using the Save and Verify option has updated the view to the below screenshot, which is perfect.


I suspect that if you view this on a device with a narrow screen, your results will be different. I have found on my app that, when I have several “long text” columns in a table, the one with the longest text becomes the default “stretch” column (my term) that continues to expand if I make the window on my browser bigger. This may be OK on a browser but it may not be of much help on a narrow screen. Therefore, I think we need better controls for the width of columns in tables: