Count and compare

Hi all,

I need to know if a data is repeated in my column
NVela=Column -Type Text


and I get this message
Cannot compare List with Text in (Datos[NVela] = [_THISROW].[NVela])

Something is wrong.

Usualy I use,criteria)

Thanks for help

Hello @Luiso_Ferrandiz_Ruiz, welcome to the community !

You could try this expression instead:

COUNT(FILTER("Datos",[NVela] = [_THISROW].[NVela]))

For reference:

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I get like this, but I will try with your idea. Thanks

Oh yes, i forgot about the comparison, my bad, it should be:

IF(COUNT(FILTER("Datos",[NVela] = [_THISROW].[NVela]))>1,"Something if its true","Something if its not")

Or just

COUNT(FILTER("Datos",[NVela] = [_THISROW].[NVela]))>1

I think they are equivalent, did it do what you intended to do?