Count automatically decreased

We are facing the issue about the mentioning the count in app sheet, while enter the round figure automatically change -2 or +2 values, how to rectify it.

I belive your issue is not understandable at all. Can you clarify?


Actually we are using App sheet for daily production count updating, in that case we update the production count in particular field, once updated and we scroll the curser for next update, the value of production count automatically decreased. For eg: if we update 1000 means when i scroll down the curser, the value automatically changed as 998.

What’s the column structure for that count column, can you give a screenshot?


I’m not asking the Form UX, I’m asking the column structure details for those count columns

Error 1

Dear friend, please expand the details of one of those count columns so that I can see the column’s structure details. Hope I’m clear now if not from the beginning.


Our Organization is Manufacturing of tiles, We created one app sheet for production count update, We have 6 press (machine ) production has to be mention in that app sheet. While updating the press 1 count and scroll the curser for second one , the press 1 count automatically changed. We are not set any Max or Mini value in that column structure

That’s because of the cursor behaviour of Android, iOS and HTML5. Provided you scroll down either with finger in android or using a mouse wheel on a browser without exiting the focus of any particular roller field i.e. number, date etc. the scroller effect will decrease the value by 1 if you swipe/scroll down, or increase the value by 1 if you swipe/scroll up. To prevent this issue to be happening, I may humbly advise changing the display mode to LABEL instead of AUTO.


Thank you i will try

Hi, If i changed the Display mode LABEL instead of AUTO, facing same issue, Please advice us how to avoid it.

I may advise contacting

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