Count-column in Parent calculate number of ready childs

I have a count-column in a Parent row that calculate the child-row with Status=Ready. The parent are in use by the Teachers, the childs are in use by the Student. When a Student has manipulate his child row into Status=Ready, a Workflow-action starts to add 1 to the count-column in the Parent row. But, that doesn’t work because of security filter on the Parent-table: only access for the teacher. How do i solve this problem.



Hi @Meurglys
Did you bypass the security filter for your workflow here?

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Thanks for the quick responce.

I did not know the bypass-possibility, and started right away. But no difference. Then I removed the security filter at the Parenttable. Now the count is working. So the problem is security. That is nice to know. DO you have any other suggestion?


Hi @Meurglys
Sorry I do not have any other suggestions.

Is this actually a workflow, defined in the Behavior >> Workflow tab of the app editor, or a simple action?

It is workflow with one action: Execute an action on a set of row. The action selects the parent of the child and executes an action (set the value on some colums in this row), that adds one to the countcolumn…

If I remember correctly, the Bypass filter only works with the Workflow/Email, not with actions and that’s why are seeing this behavior.


Ok, thank you. I think about another way to add +1 to the count in the parent if the child is updated.