Count Distinct

Hi, I have created a table view and group by Delivery Wave and Region. The following image shows the table view.

From the above image, if I choose any of the delivery wave. I will get into this view categorised by the Region (North, South, East, West) shown below.

What I want to achieve is to count distinct (count with non duplicate for the “Name” column and display the count here (the place that I have circled out). (See below for better visualisation)
I would like to do a count distinct (count with non duplicates) of the “Name” based on the different regions.

Currently, in the group aggregate, there isn’t a count distinct. So I have created a virtual column to count the “Name” column without duplicates, but I can’t seem to obtain what I want.

I still get the wrong count. It should have 17 for the East Region under the Monday Delivery Wave.

Please advise on how I can solve this problem. Thank you :slight_smile: