Count expression for the amount of delayed sync updates


I’m trying to keep actions from being visible until all changes have been synced. I couldn’t find anything about working with pending updates. Is there anyway to use a count(select) expression to determine this?

There is currently no way to access that.

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Sounds like in your case its best to just force a sync, since than the users wont be able to do anything anyway.

Anything the app does will involve looking at the local copy of the data; the app has no visibility of the server copy of the data, so has no way to know whether or how the local and server copies differ. There’s no programmatic way (e.g., from an expression) to even determine that there are pending updates to push to the server.

You might be able to contrive something with a workflow. For instance, if you set a flag from the app (a column named New? with an initial value of TRUE) that a workflow could (if [New?] is TRUE) respond to by clearing (or changing) the flag (set New? to FALSE), you’d know the data had reached the server if the flag had been cleared (or changed) (if [New?] is FALSE).