COUNT formula selecting different table

Hi Folks

I have a table called ‘Image Null’ that contains a column ‘Null’ type ‘Yes/No’ and the information on this column has a simple text for each row ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.

And in another table (‘Summary’), created a virtual column to count the number of rows that contains the text ‘Yes’ in the column ‘Null’ (‘Image Null’ table) using the following formula:

COUNT(SELECT(Image Null[Null]=‘Yes’))

Adding the formula, the test said the formula is correct but it’s not working and display the message: Cannot compare List with Text in (imageNull[Null]=‘Yes’)

Does anyone knows how to fix this formula or have another option to get the total number of ‘Yes’?


Some syntax issues corrected below.

COUNT(SELECT(Image Null[Null],[Null]=“Yes”))


Thanks Simon! It’s working now.