COUNT(SELECT()) on a ref table

How do i count in a refrence table in a dash view?

My senario is like this:

I have a Table of my assignemnts, they have a weeknumber where they are to be done and they have a column with the cabinet i am to install…

I have a Table of only weeknumbers…

I have a table of cabinet types…

In my Deskview i have a choice of wook number that makes my assignments for that week show and a map that shows where the assignment is located.

now i tried to add the table of cabinet types to the deskview to be able to see witch cabinets that i need to pack for that week but it is just showing the total numbet of cabinets and not only the once i need for the selected week.

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The Header doesn’t seem to match the description and I think its creating confusion on what you are asking. that is probably why you haven’t had a response yet.

To make things more clear, could you provide a screen shot of where you are seeing an issue? It may help us to understand what you need.

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Create a slice for Jobs that are due this week with a formula- something like
[Weekdue]= WEEKNUM(TODAY())

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