Counting a Enum list that results in a certain value

Hello. This is my first time posting.

I I have an ENUM in Column DAY that allows 1,2,3,4,5
I want to count how many times the result is a 1
I tried
COUNT(SELECT(Candidates[day], IN([Day], {“1”})))

The result was 1 and it should be many.
Can anyone help me with this?

Ok, so I figured out how to get the desired result, but now I need it to bring that result back based on the ref drop don for campaign.

This was the answer to my previous question:

The answer results in 72 and I want to narrow that based on the campaign that I choose from a ref cell.

Probably something like… COUNT(SELECT(Candidates[Day],AND([Day]=“1”,[Campaign]=[_THISROW].[Campaign])))

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You are the MAN!!! That seems to have worked!

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You’re welcome

Ok, I have another question. I am trying to create a graph with the information that I need. The histogram shows all of the Campaigns. I click on the campaign and is shows me how many were male and female. Anywhere I click, I get a subset of either male or female. Is there a way to continue on with the data using the entire data set from the campaign instead of sub setting it inside male and female?

Are you looking for a chart that would show either male or female data? If yes, then create a slice for both and add these slices as a source for your charts.

So I have this Slice that gives me the info that I need, but I would like to display all of the info on one screen or create graphs of the info in a dashboard view. If you notice, when I click through the options on the screenshots, I can choose to see the data for one segment or keep hitting ALL at the top to get the results of all people in the campaign results. Does this make any sense?

In the next slide, I chose Don Ayres and there were 41 total candidates

Next I will hit ALL because I want to know how many of ALL three days combined were invited.

Now I will hit ALL again so that I can see how many of the Don Ayres Campaign were male and how many were female.

Next I hit ALL again because I want to see how many were veterans

I hope this helps to make some sense of what I am trying to do.