Counting rows that have a value in a specific column

I am trying to come up with an expression that would count how many items I sold based on if there is a value in a column and if the Lot matched. I and doing this through a virtual column.

So I thought this would be the expression:

COUNT(CONTAINS(ISNOTBLANK(Inventory[Job Name]), [Lot] = [_THISROW].[Lot]))

but I am getting “COUNT function is used incorrectly”

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That is what I tried at first, but I got “SELECT has invalid inputs”

This is what I tried before trying CONTAINS()

COUNT(SELECT(ISNOTBLANK(Inventory[Job Name]), ([Lot] = [_THISROW].[Lot]), TRUE))

Maybe I am trying too much or can’t wrap my simple brain around it.

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Thank you for saving me once again!