Counting working days

Hi everybody…
I try to counting working days for each user per month. Where I have column type [Date] in my app with initial value “TODAY()”. Please How can I achieve that?

Thank you in advance.

Could you please elaborate bit more deeper to explain your requirement?

For instance, what is your exact definition of “working days” based on entry to the [Date] field?

Hi koichi…
Thanks a lot.

I have team that collect data from field survey, I try to create monthly report include working days for each user per month. I know I can do this by counting that manually, but I hope to apply that by create expression or anything helpful.

Fouad h. Saad

I m not perfectly sure but now I did understand your requirement.

You have field work app where each App user make a daily report on the app. And you want to COUNT how many days each user actually worked for each month, but you are relying on the number of the record of distinct report made by each user to count so?
Am I correct?

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Yes koichi that’s right. Thank you again, I hope to get solution.

Fouad h. Saad

It is probably most shortest way that you have a look and learn from sample app to learn how to achieve your goal.

I created a SUPER quick and simple app for you.

It sounds tricky, but you will find it is easy when you see the details of the tricks.

Let me know if you need more help.
Everything to work on Appsheet app is basically MATH. That means we always an answer.

Key point.

You create the DistinctMonth table so that your workers report can refer to as parent table.

Otherwise, please spend your time how I structure this sample app.

Building Appsheet App is similar to solve the math. It sounds complex, but thanks to the God, that means we always have a solution and answer.

I m not sure how you are currently building your own app, but should have similar and same basic structure. You will be able to adopt the trick I pushed to this app onto your app for sure.
Again this is because this is simple math.


Thank you koichi. It is very useful.