Covid 19 app. FHIR and HL7 messaging

I have built an app for my company to use for our testing results of Covid -19. I have researched this topic and in order to collect data (Covid -19) we must comply with local and state laws.

Years ago - an initiative began to help ALL providers and patients view and write medical history, results, etc… into the new digital world. When this began, most providers were not fully digital nor had the means to do so. Many EHR systems have been built to do this for them.

I talk about the history in order to help you understand the background of my issue. I built the app using Appsheets, but now i must conform to the laws set when it comes to medical IT. In particularly, Covid 19 results handling and reporting.

Currently - there are little to NO stand alone Covid -19 apps out on the market. Most of the reporting of Covid19 is done through current EHR systems at - hospitals, doctor offices, make shift mobile sites…

With my app - my company is doing the testing and i need a bridge (API) to the healthcare systems - to report my results.

They require HL7 messaging and i am unsure how to accomplish this.

Has anyone done this or know how to?