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Appsheet community,

With COVID-19 disrupting everything right now I built an app for my community to help them distribute data, find medical services, and meals. Please take a look at the app and recommend anything to make it better, or if you want to help I’d be happy to take the assistance. If you think it is something that makes sense for your community feel free to copy it and start publishing it.

I built it because I thought a lot of information was coming from a lot of sources, and I might be able to consolidate the data, and use some basic geolocation data to help get people to the right place. I’m trying to work with our local schools to get them to start adding information on it too.

I have a second app that just acts as an admin portal for volunteers to add to it instead of it being a free for all.


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Great effort! @School_Bus

To contribute, I placed a quick sample app which will display the latest stats in terms of US Coronavirus case. Without manually work on the data base, we extract the data out of

Trick is simple, you add this expression into google sheet - A1 cell ideally.


Whenever the web page table data is updated, Appsheet will read the same, so whenever the app user access to the app, it display most latest data based on this web site.

It could be found helpful to place some views in order to provide such data within your useful app like you are currently working.

It is just a single spreadsheet worksheet, but I placed a super simple app on my portfolio.
Feel free to copy and add to your app with your own “decoration”.

This is link to sample


Thanks, I just added it to the app. It’s now the opening page


One thing we need to be careful when we use such a import function in google sheet is quotas. There is Limitation of usage depending on your google account plan.

I didn’t know that about the import function. I know when I’ve done scripts that I set the trigger to limit the calls, but I didn’t know that existed with import functions.

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I mean this expression on the googlesheet.

Increase quotas is just if or not pay to Google, but all up to your decision. :grin:

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IMPORTRANGE() is very useful, too. I often use it to get data from one Google spreadsheet that I’ve made and import it in to another where I want to use the data. Also, when I have students share their data with me (in this case, all of he students have data in the same format, based on a template I’ve made), I import that data into a master where I can collate it.

This is great, thanks for sharing, David. I’ve updated the post to be in the ‘Tips & Tricks’ category.

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@tsuji_koichi the app seems to be broken — column mismatch

@School_Bus your app also has this column mismatch issue

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Thanks for heading up. The table on the site app (spreadsheet) is referring to seems to add new field which break the app. Now rearranged the table, and working fine.

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Ok app is fixed now, thank you for the heads up. Any suggestions to make it more useful is much appreciated.

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