COVID-19 Community Support App!

UPDATE 4/15/2020

The app is now multilingual and has built in support for over 100 languages! Go to this thread to help out an improve translation!

In addition, the following additional features were added. Give a huge shout out to @Neal_MF_Harper for thinking of these ideas and developing them into the app!

  1. UX>Requests Supporting>changed action 1 on card to “Mark as Complete”
  2. UX>Requests Supporting>changed action 2 on card to “Stop Helping”
  3. Added image column “User Image” to People Table
  4. Added image columns “Helper Image” and “Requester Image” to Request table
  5. My Details view, increased max nested rows from 5 to 20
  6. My Details view, added “User Image”
  7. Updated email and text templates with more details and URL to request for quick navigation.
  8. Populated use of images throughout the app.
  9. Changed SAD icon to a frown.
  10. Added Happy/Sad actions to MY REQUESTS deck view for quick/more obvious rating.
  11. Added format rule to add Happy/Sad icons to Request Type for easy review.
  12. Added “Review Sad Ratings” view for Coordinators to oversee potential issues.
  13. Changed expression for HELPER DESCRIPTION to be based on [status], added more descriptions for rating completed requests.
  14. Edited STOP HELPING action to include removing assigned helper.
  15. Added COUNT [status] aggregate to ‘My Requests’ view
  16. Updated ‘Requests_Detail’ and ‘Requests Deck’ views
  17. Changed [TYPES] ID type from number to text for issue with UNIQUEID()
  18. Updated [STATUS] formatting to include more highlighted text
  19. Added email/text notifications for cancelled requests.
  20. Added HELP PHOTO column to [REQUESTS], updated action to include User Image when assigning helper. NOTE: User image of helper is only shared with requester for help with ID.
  21. Added HELPER IMAGE to HELP ASSIGNED email and Request details to help with identity of strangers.
  22. Updated standard categories

COVID-19 Community Support App

We have created a community support app template that local communities can use to organize their efforts to support those in need. This app is slightly different than a typical sample app in that it is designed to be simply copied and get community organizers setup up and running immediately without the need to learn the AppSheet platform prior. Most customization of the app can be done inside the app itself! Simply follow the instructions on the left side of the page when you view the sample app below. Of course you are always welcome to make changes and make the app even better! :slight_smile: Watch a walk-through of the app here.

COVID-19 Community Support App

The app at its core allows users to make requests for help and have helpers from the community fulfill those requests.

This app is built on the platform and requires SSO for connections to this app. If you have been granted access to this app, you can SSO authenticate using any of the following providers:

3 different user roles are supported:

  • Coordinator: Users that can see and manage all requests and manage roles in the app.
  • Helper: Users that can see and accept requests that have been submitted by the Requesters.
  • Requesters: Users that can make requests to Helpers of the app.

When users open the app for the first time they can either make a request or sign up to be a helper. Coordinators can promote Helpers to the Coordinator role. The app has a built in reputation system as a mechanism for coordinators to prevent abuse.

Additional Details about this app can be found here:

Watch a walk-through of the app here

The app is still a work in progress and communities are encouraged to copy this app and make changes to enhance their workflows. The app was designed to have any community get setup in under half an hour. Caveats

We readily admit that the app is probably not “finished” and there are other apps and other ways to do this.

This app is released to the community. As such we kindly ask that you not email with technical issues, and instead use and this apps comment thread to do the same. Thank you for understanding!


This is awesome, thank you so much for the quick deployment!!

Will the documentation link remain the same for sharing on social media?

Best wishes,

Also, what’s the chances you guys are already working on the setup walkthrough video?

Much love,

Feedback on tweaks before promoting:

  1. Remove cancelled jobs from the Map view (cannot remove sample entry in app, from UK so map is zoomed out too far be default)
  2. It may be less confusing to navigate the map view if it is active help requests only, excluded contacts and completed requests.
  3. Color code map locations as:

a. YELLOW = Unassigned
b. RED = Unassigned and over due
c. GREEN = Assigned but not complete.

  1. When a new user is added, send an email with links to app and instructions. This would be helpful when adding a community member to ensure they get the app and instructions.

Thank you guys so much for knocking this out with a quickness, very much appreciated.



  1. On confirmation message for job completed by helper: prompt reads “Received Help”, maybe “Request Completed” is less confusing as the person confirming gave the help rather than received.
  2. Note on the helper volunteer request screen that notes if a request disappears from your list, that need has been met or cancelled.
  3. Add two image fields for project completion selfie smiles, for both helper and requester

Something odd for the Primary views showing two maps in coordinator view:

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Why wouldn’t we use the email address for the key on the PEOPLE table? Wouldn’t this help zip up associations between requests and people? I may be missing some logic, help me out here.

So far in testing with a small pool of friends, I think this is gonna be hot for every type of community in these hard times: Nextdoor, clubs, churches, farmers, etc… thanks for making this easily editable in-app!

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Great work @Rich! I’d like to point out a problem with the following “Do you accept?” message:

Screen Shot 2020-03-28 at 10.23.00

I think that this is an automatically generated message that is intended to be one-size-fits-all but does not actually fit this usage of AppSheet and has the potential to discourage people from copying and using this app. Unless I’m mistaken, when an individual copies and uses this app, “” will NOT receive data. I think this “Do you accept” message is generated to be appropriate to typical business usages of AppSheet (where individuals sign in to apps) but not to prototypes that are intended to be copied.

Am I correct in my understanding that people who copy the app will not be giving you access to data? If so, has the possibility of this message causing unfortunate misunderstandings been considered? Could the message be changed to accurately reflect what will happen when the app is copied? I think it would be a shame for misunderstandings about privacy to inhibit good volunteer efforts.

Thanks again for your good work!


@Kirk_Masden, great call out, there will be considerable paranoia for people adopting new tools and practices like this in the weeks ahead. I feel that the Appsheet format really delivers a great opportunity for closed support groups who have these kinds of fears, but this language alone could be a no-go without clarification for those communities.

Thanks for the input!


ALSO… sorry, not sorry, but I love you:

  1. Once a request is assigned, remove the HELP action button from the ASSIGNED REQUEST cards. Confusing as the help is already assigned, button does nothing at the moment: Rather, make the card action be COMPLETED so the record does not have to be opened to be marked complete for helpers on rapid completion missions.
  2. Is it possible to add a subject line to emails include the ticket request number and title? This will help with people managing multiple requests.
  3. Email of completed request should include title of the request, also for people with multiple requests being filled.
  4. Email to helper when a completed task is rated HAPPY or selfie image is added. Include selfie image in email :slight_smile:
  5. On MY DETAILS tab for referenced requests, format green/red to indicate happy/sad rating for quick review.
  6. On text alerts for requests, include specific title of app for people who join multiple community apps. I.e. church/neighborhood/childcare apps used by the same individual might get confusing.

I hope this is helpful, so appreciative of these efforts :love_letter: :cupid: :gift_heart: :sparkling_heart: :heartpulse: :heartbeat: :revolving_hearts: :two_hearts: :heart: :orange_heart: :yellow_heart: :green_heart: :blue_heart: :purple_heart:


Will the documentation link remain the same for sharing on social media?

Yes I will keep the documentation link the same.

Also, what’s the chances you guys are already working on the setup walkthrough video?

I will work on a walkthrough video next week.

Why wouldn’t we use the email address for the key on the PEOPLE table? Wouldn’t this help zip up associations between requests and people?

I chose not to have the email address as the key because there is the potential to have coordinators receive calls from individuals directly and add it to the system manually. The people that call in might just want to give their phone number or location and possibly not want to, or not have an email address. The tool would still be valuable in these situations since the coordinator can still post a request with the contact details and the helpers will see those automatically.

Thanks for the feedback, I will work on correcting the rest of the feedback you brought up!


Yes that is correct, that’s a standard regulatory boiler plate for the sample app itself. When individuals make a copy of the app I will not have access to any of the data. They will be in full control and have a separate instance of the app.


Thanks! It may be low priority now but if some sort of strategy to pre-empt misunderstandings about who has access to data in apps that are to be copied, I think that would be great.

Once again, thanks for your work on this app.


Hi Rich its working well. Have started sharing it to test with other groups.

One glitch. Some how the Assigned Helper id is not being set in the requests table. As such the none of the “Helper” fields are populating in the emails. Are you ok to fix this in the sample app and copy the code and field name here or in the app documentation please so I can amend in my app?

Thanks Julian

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When does this occur when you to help as a helper or when you are a coordinator and assign a helper to a request?

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Hi Rich,

When a helper has volunteered to help - not a coordinator.


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hmm, I cant seem to reproduce. Is the person helping listed as a helper in the app? Are you able to look in the Google sheet “Requests” sheet and see if there is a unique id under the “Assigned Helper” column? If there is, can that unique id be found in the People sheet under the ID column?

The missing information in that notification email tells me that for some reason the person who clicked volunteer to help is not listed in the People table. We just need to figure out why that is happening.

Is anyone seeing this issue?

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I also had this issue with my first copy of the app, unsure if the updated version is still doing it, testing now.

One issue - is accessibility of the app for general community use.

One area of concern is that every instance of this app will need someone in a community to open an account and to modify the app via the Appsheet editor. This is not a user friendly activity as it requires familiarity with the Appsheet editor which most coordinators will not have. This will put off a lot of people from using it and ideally we would want to avoid this if at all possible.

Is there a way of building into the set-up process in the app a mechanism to set the app name and other minor tweaks that would make this more non-coding friendly? Alternatively is there away of appealing to the developer community to help communities set-up and maintain their apps?

Also I appreciate that Appsheet is constructed to allow the rapid development of apps but a compromise to support this is the constraints around flexibility of app design.

For example, I have shown this to several people and the common reaction is “it’s confusing”. If we can not change the design is there a possibility of providing a user centred video showing how to use it from each user type perspective?

Any help or thoughts from the community would be appreciated. Thanks

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There will be a setup/training video for noobs, I think support for an official Appsheet sanctioned community’s app is imperative to keeping support from being overwhelmed while providing a much needed tool. Best wishes to us all. Keep the ideas flowing yall.

That’s great news about the video.

I can understand why Appsheet are keen to minimise the input they give to this … it could become a big support headache for them when they are trying to do the right thing. They’ve done a great deal with developing it and making it FOC for communities. It just needs an extra push to make it deployable to non-technical users and so minimise the support needed.