COVID-19 Community Support App!

Hi @JulianMJ! I can help address a few of the points you raised.

One of the really important things to note about AppSheet as a platform is its mission to democratize technology. In short, application development isn’t limited strictly to developers which in turn allows anyone the ability to develop an application to fit their use case. That being said, we understand that there is a unique set of circumstances taking place globally that are deeply impact each and every person. We wanted to do something to demonstrate ways in which AppSheet may be able to assist during this time and sample apps, such as the one posted to this thread, are one of many possible solutions we are proposing.

As part of the AppSheet team I’m really proud to say that the community that you’ve joined and are engaging with at this time is a phenomenal resource. I’ve watched time and time again as product experts from outside of our company step up to assist new creators and non-technical persons such as yourself. Some of these product experts use AppSheet every day as part of their job, for others building with AppSheet is their job and I’m sure a number of them would be happy to enter an agreement with you to address specific build and maintenance requests you may have for your unique set of needs. Our team can provide sample applications for guidance, but ultimately the responsibility of the application and the maintenance of the data used to build the application fall on the shoulders of the individuals taking ownership of that application. To find someone to manage this for you, a post in this COVID-19 category stating in detail what you’re looking for would, I suspect, open the door to a number of individuals who can address this need.

Finally, the support aspect. During this time, speed is of the essence. We know from experience that this community offers quick, crowd sourced responses that are diverse in approach. Given how similar so many of the conversations we’ve already had have been, this seemed like the best way to expose helpful ideas while being able to assist everyone in the best way we possibly can at this time.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions or need assistance identifying resources and we’ll help where we can.

Stay safe and be well.


Ok, so I made a current copy of the app about an hour ago and did the following:

  1. created nealmfharper@gmail as a coordinator
  2. finished setup
  3. added help ticket as coordinator for harpersrock@gmail
  4. upon sync the new request shows up on the map only, no ASIGNED USER ID in request table.

Seems to be excluding records based on not being added as a ‘HELPER’ role in PEOPLE table. All coordinators should automatically be included with helper roles.

I like than you can use the app in requester role only to keep it simplified! Great work!

Thank you so much for these efforts!

Thanks for the repo. I figured out what was causing it:

There was a validation rule for the column “Assign Helper” which was not the same as the “I will help” action button so the app could not execute the action because the validation rule for the column “Assigned helper” was false.

Should be working now.


Watch a walk-through of the app here


UPDATE 4/15/2020

The app is now multilingual and has built in support for over 100 languages! Go to this thread to help out an improve translation !

In addition, the following additional features were added. Give a huge shout out to @Neal_MF_Harper for thinking of these ideas and developing them into the app!

  1. UX>Requests Supporting>changed action 1 on card to “Mark as Complete”
  2. UX>Requests Supporting>changed action 2 on card to “Stop Helping”
  3. Added image column “User Image” to People Table
  4. Added image columns “Helper Image” and “Requester Image” to Request table
  5. My Details view, increased max nested rows from 5 to 20
  6. My Details view, added “User Image”
  7. Updated email and text templates with more details and URL to request for quick navigation.
  8. Populated use of images throughout the app.
  9. Changed SAD icon to a frown.
  10. Added Happy/Sad actions to MY REQUESTS deck view for quick/more obvious rating.
  11. Added format rule to add Happy/Sad icons to Request Type for easy review.
  12. Added “Review Sad Ratings” view for Coordinators to oversee potential issues.
  13. Changed expression for HELPER DESCRIPTION to be based on [status], added more descriptions for rating completed requests.
  14. Edited STOP HELPING action to include removing assigned helper.
  15. Added COUNT [status] aggregate to ‘My Requests’ view
  16. Updated ‘Requests_Detail’ and ‘Requests Deck’ views
  17. Changed [TYPES] ID type from number to text for issue with UNIQUEID()
  18. Updated [STATUS] formatting to include more highlighted text
  19. Added email/text notifications for cancelled requests.
  20. Added HELP PHOTO column to [REQUESTS], updated action to include User Image when assigning helper. NOTE: User image of helper is only shared with requester for help with ID.
  21. Added HELPER IMAGE to HELP ASSIGNED email and Request details to help with identity of strangers.
  22. Updated standard categories

Have you deployed the community support app?

This is one of the first COVID-19 apps our community has worked on and I am curious if anyone has deployed the app for their neighborhood. If you have, can you post how it’s going, number of users, adoption issues, etc.? Within the next few weeks we are planning on writing up some of the COVID-19 uses cases for the AppSheet blog so would love to hear about your experiences! You can post them here or reach out via email to


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Mary, I am unable to copy the current version of the app:

I tried logging out and insuring that this was being done under my alternative email for community support. Also the app is not listed in the search if you navigate to ‘sample apps’ this might cause some confusion.

Thanks for all the work, I plan to deploy for several communities in the Charlotte NC area as soon as I can verify the latest version. So cool we can translate now!

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@Neal_MF_Harper The issue should be fixed now. Can you give it a try again?

Up and running now…

Ok, so when I go to move to the deployed state I get these errors to review:

So I then return to deploy and see this list of 4 errors before deploying:

  1. I know this may be an impossible ask, but could the app copies be scripted to auto deploy somehow? Leaving the novice user to only need to finish the in-app setup.

  2. Please add the note of “without a services offered selected, you will receive all notifications” especially important for the coordinators initial understanding of that feature.

  3. Add a notes to the finish setup screen about seeing synced items pending in the top right corner, I know this is basic but they will be learning. Perhaps even a hyperlink to basic into video playlist, yall have some great ones!

  4. I think this is an amazing landing page to promote on social media, great job!

  5. Existing accounts need to create new accounts to use the discount code, correct?


  1. In settings, may be able to make these more clear for late setting at least, unsure what the others do yet honestly :slight_smile:

Going to begin testing again, you guys are so awesome for making this happen!!


Hi. When I click the additional details link it says that I don’t have access. Appreciate assistance. A really cool app.

Hi, I’m a noob tying to access information re. this app. I have 2 issues.

  1. The link which points to a doc under “Additional Details” says that I don’t have permission. Not sure if this is a private doc.

  2. I’m trying to find the Community Support application to clone and take a look. Unable to find it.

Appreciate the community’s assistance. Thanks and regards.