COVID-19 Sample App - Capturing daily health conditions, inc body temp and instantly recording the positions where we were for a day

This sample app was designed to help local community here in Japan, so it is fully localized to fit to the local needs in terms of language used in the app.

This app required user to log in, then start to instantly recording the daily health condition, such as body temp etc and present those data in other view like chart etc.

Also just clicking a button, it capture the GPS location and dump to data base to keep tracking where we were for a day.

Sample app is available from here as well as quick short movie to demonstrate how App would work.



I just learned that AppSheet doesn’t like apps with names in Japanese. It wouldn’t let me copy the app until I changed the name to English:

Screen Shot 2020-04-13 at 16.07.29 Screen Shot 2020-04-13 at 16.07.48

Yes appsheet does not accept the app name in other language upon creating new app. But once it is generated you can change to proper name on info pane and property - short name.

When we create new app, it also generates the unique URL for this particular app, and URL will not be changed for the entire life of that app. So I reckon Appsheet does not accept other language as it will be used as a part of URL for the app.

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