Create 2 Tables using 1 Google Sheet

(Ryan P Sheppard) #1

About 8 months ago i built an app that used 1 Google Sheets Sheet (tab) to supply data to 2 tables. The purpose was to allow different view configurations and rules. The first table is part 1 out of 2 processes and the second table is part 2 out of 2.

I’m building a new version of the same app and i’m recreating from scratch but i can’t find a solution to repeat the above setup. Basically when i try to use the same Google Sheets Sheet (tab) the sheet is greyed out because it has already been used on a table.

(Steve Coile) #2

What you’re trying to do isn’t supported behavior. You can probably accomplish what you want with slices and views alone without needing the same table twice. If you’d like to detail some of your requirements, we may be able to suggest supported alternatives.

(Ryan P Sheppard) #3

Thanks Steve,

The scenario is like this: a parcel is weighed and measured in stage 1. The back office then review this data (without the ability to edit it) and then complete the remaining 4 fields of the form which aren’t accessible during stage 1.

(Steve Coile) #4

An approach I might take would be to have a single table and two slices on that table. The first slice would only include the columns needed for weighing and measuring; the second would include all columns.

Two form views: one atop the first slice for stage 1, the other atop the second slice for stage 2.

The stage 1 slice and view will only include columns that should be editable, so nothing to do there; but for stage 2, you want the columns from stage 1 to be uneditable. Those columns can be configured to limit editing by taking advantage of the CONTEXT() function in column Editable? expressions:

NOT(CONTEXT("View") = "Stage 2_Form")

This would prevent the user from modifying the column value when the column is displayed in the view named Stage 2_Form.