Create a Branched Action to change data on a row by user selection

Hi guys! :wave:
Im doing a fitness app :100:
I have two tables.

Table 1 columns:
User - schedulled exercice (Reference table 2)

Table 2 columns:
Exercice - Substitution 1 (Ref Exercice) - Substitution 2 (Ref Exercice)

I wanna make an action in TABLE 1 rows, that allow me to change actual exercice, for substitution 1 or substitution 2 aftear a quick query to the user. like:

“You wanna remplace current exercice with sub1 or sub 2?”

Per example.
Andrew have to do pushups

He push the “remplace buttom” and now app ask him if he wanna change to diamond pushups or hand stand pushups

where table 2 pre-programed
Exercice - Substitution 1 - Substitution 2
Pushups - D. Pushups - HS pushups

I think Input() may be the solution but i dont know how

I alrredy got to the point where I can do 2 actions “Substitute with 1” and "substitute with 2:
The problem is to mix both actions in only one action with a query or a form to user choise