Create a Button in a Read Only View to Take you to Another Table

Two part question:
I have a dashboard view which is read only. I’d like to include a PLUS button / action in this view that will take the user to another view. What’s the action or behaviour in order to create the button on the bottom right hand corner?

Part 2, Is it possible with that button to have a few options present where the user has the choice go to other views (kind of like a pick from a list of views) instead of just a single action, direct to one view only?

So for example, when the PLUS button is selected the user can go to View 1, or View 2, or View 3 (their choice) instead of a single action, direct the View 1.

With Button (2)

Unfortunately, that’s not possible. :frowning: The circular button with a plus in it is called an overlay button.


In an aggregate view, such as a deck, gallery, or table, there are only two (if I recall correctly) overlay buttons allowed: add a new row to the displayed table or slice, and download a CSV export of the displayed data. Overlay buttons that perform more arbitrary actions cannot occur in aggregate views.

Not in an aggregate view.

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Thanks for the clarification Steve

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Hi @Tony_Insua this may be a workaround for you:

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