Create a column containing a graph


My app records session data

Each session we record the number of times different goals are successful
Jun 15, Attempts to try Item1 = 5
Jun 15, Attempts to try Item2 = 4
Jun 16, Attempts to try Item1 = 3
Jun 16, Attempts to try Item2 = 7

Resulting a table like so Called “GoalData”

ID Date Goal Data
1 Jun15 Item1 5
2 Jun15 Item2 4
3 Jun16 Item1 3
4 Jun16 Item2 7

I have made it so that there is Virtual column in Sessions with a table view of the goals

Assigned Goals

Clicking one of the assigned goals opens a form to record your data, auto-filling the [Date] and [Goal] Leaving you to only enter the number for [Data]

I would like to do two things

In the form that opens to capture the data I would like to display a graph of the previous data for this Goal. I think that I can somehow use a virtual column for this but I am not certain.

This is look I am going for with the example data above

Desired Form Look




Second :
In the Table view of the virtual column for the assigned goals I would like each row to have a column showing a thumbnail view the historical graph for that data

History Assigned Goals
ThumbnailGraph Item1
ThumbnailGraph Item2

While I may be able to see the fine detail of the graph I will be able to at least see if it is trending up or down. and by clicking the item I will see the full graph (assuming I was able to make the form work. )

I could swear that I saw this done in a sample app last month but I cannot find it again .

Any assistance would be appreciated.


Hi @Mark_Taylor, here’s a sample app that might be helpful. It has people and items, where each person has a collection of associated items. When you view a person, it shows a chart of the related items, by size.

Maybe you could do something similar in your app, where you’ve got sessions and measurements, where each session has a collection of associated measurements?


Thanks Tony.

I was able to get the graph working and display in the detail view of the Data.

So First goal achieved.

However, when I go into Form view It shows as Table instead.

Looking around that seems to be a limitation.

Perhaps Instead of a form I will make an action to add a new row with the auto data, make a quick edit column for the Detail view.

Thanks for the information.


@Mark_Taylor yes, unfortunately there’s no way to show an inline chart in a form. I think your quick edit approach would work well.

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