Create a form to select rows between 2 dates

Hi, I would like to create an form page in my app that alows user to select “From Date” to “To Date” and find all rows in between those dates. Then I want to create an report. I got most down except expression to select rows between to dates. Hope someone could help me in the right direction.

Hi @Tritonos_Gruppen,

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Could you please take a look at this sample app that is similar to your requirement. Of course selection criteria of rows is some text values instead of dates. But the approach is similar to your description.


Hi @Suvrutt_Gurjar

This is what I am looking for yes, found this example but struggling to use dates instead. Could you help me?

I have on column that I would like to use so I can filter rows between 2 dates.

Hi @Tritonos_Gruppen

Is your data from where you wish to select the rows in different table than the table where your form is based on?

Ifyou are building the app exactly like the sample app, then you could use an expression something like
below for the VC [Matching Items] as in sample app

SELECT(Yout Data Table Name [Key Name of Data Table], AND([Date in Data Table] >=[_THISROW].[From Date], [Date in Data Table] <=[_THISROW].[To Date]))


Thank you so much, I was missing <= sign :grinning:


Can I compare a date from current form using [_THISROW].[START DATE] to a date column in another table?

Yep. You’ll probably want to use LOOKUP() or SELECT(). More details about your problem will help us provide better suggestions.

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