Create a Multilingual app that supports 100+ Languages!

For those that are familiar with the COVID-19 Community Support app that is posted here in the community, I have just released a new version of the app the supports over 100 languages.

In order to accomplish this translation quickly I utilized a large table called languages which keeps track of all of the different text in the community support app. This table uses the built in googletranslate() function to translate the text into the many languages. While this provides a head start to translating an app, we all know that Google translate is far from perfect. As a result I am opening the spreadsheet up for editing and welcome any volunteers to help improve the translations that are in the sheet or add new languages. Please reply to this thread if you are willing to help and ill add you to edit the sheet and help improve the translations. Anyone can comment or view the sheet if they desire.

The columns in blue are your Appsheet “localization” fields. The rest of the columns are custom to this app only. Once we get this table of translations more accurate, I will plan to spin off this app into just a multilingual starter app that anyone can copy when they want to build a new app from scratch.

If you are interested in how I setup the app to be multilingual, you can view the sample app here. The app makes heavy use of “display names” for views, columns, and actions. These display names have formulas that accomplish a lookup into the language tables based on the usersettings(Language) that is chosen by the user. Take a look and let me know what you think.


@Rich I can handle the finnish :slight_smile:



I do volunteer for Japanese part. I have worked on a bit, but do me a favor?
For all the column, could you please extend the width of all the column so that we are able to view full length of strings inside the cells? Some texts are cut off, and we dont have authority to change the column width to view full text.

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if you send me your email, I grant you edit access to the sheet! Thanks!

I have already translate spanish line.

Helping to do the Finnish. Just put in my comments.

No permission to clone the app?

Willing to assist on Dutch.

I can handle for French language

Kommentit päivitetty. Huomasin käännöksiä tehdessä, että on paha sanoa miten mikäkin pitäisi suomentaa kun sisältö ei ole tiedossa. Meillä on ihan liikaan versioita käytössä :slight_smile:

I can help with Tagalog :slight_smile:

I have put in coment the French rectifications

Hi, I can help with Turkish.


I want to help translate to Danish, please open the Sheet for me.

Br Bjarne Allerup

@Fatma_Inceoglu @Ewout_van_Zonneveld can you direct message me your email address and ill add you as editors for Turkish and Dutch.

That is fantastic. I look forward to the multilingual starter app. Just curious, what is the impact on sync time with the mega table? Or do you use a security filter to only bring in the appropriate data into the app?


While the table is large, its still relatively small for AppSheet to handle. The impact on sync time not significant. As you can see below in the performance report, the Language table takes roughly the same amount of time to load as the other tables and falls within an expected retrieval time for Google Sheets (Database would be much faster).

If this becomes a concern we could design the app more efficiently to only pull the table values relevant to the language selected to reduce the data that the app needs to retrieve.

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Hi Rich,

I can only help with Turkish.

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Thanks for your collobration.

No Turkish, only Dutch :slight_smile:



Hei Aleksi!

Huomasin ihan saman, että ilman sovellusta ja käyttötilannetta suomentaminen on hiukan vaikeaa.

T: Mika

ma 20. huhtik. 2020 klo 17.15 Aleksi Alkio via AppSheet Creator Community ( kirjoitti:

Juuri näin… minullekin teki vaikeaa ymmärtää sisältöä, vaikka pitäisi tuntea editori läpikotaisin :slight_smile: