Create a Multilingual app that supports 100+ Languages!

@Fatma_Inceoglu @Ewout_van_Zonneveld can you direct message me your email address and ill add you as editors for Turkish and Dutch.

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That is fantastic. I look forward to the multilingual starter app. Just curious, what is the impact on sync time with the mega table? Or do you use a security filter to only bring in the appropriate data into the app?


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While the table is large, its still relatively small for AppSheet to handle. The impact on sync time not significant. As you can see below in the performance report, the Language table takes roughly the same amount of time to load as the other tables and falls within an expected retrieval time for Google Sheets (Database would be much faster).

If this becomes a concern we could design the app more efficiently to only pull the table values relevant to the language selected to reduce the data that the app needs to retrieve.


Hi Rich,

I can only help with Turkish.

Best Regards,


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Thanks for your collobration.

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No Turkish, only Dutch :slight_smile:



Hei Aleksi!

Huomasin ihan saman, että ilman sovellusta ja käyttötilannetta suomentaminen on hiukan vaikeaa.

T: Mika

ma 20. huhtik. 2020 klo 17.15 Aleksi Alkio via AppSheet Creator Community ( kirjoitti:

Juuri näin… minullekin teki vaikeaa ymmärtää sisältöä, vaikka pitäisi tuntea editori läpikotaisin :slight_smile:

Done, though some translations depend on the context…

Posso auxiliar com o Português

Hi @Leonardo_Foletto. If you DM me your email I can add you to the Google sheet so you can translate Português.


Olá Rich, meu email é

Translation done :grin:

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Love this post. Please keep us posted on your multilingual starter app.

The Multilingual starter app has been released. @Nicolas_Feldman

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I can help with the Turkish language if you need. Just mail at

Thanks, you should have received a notification with a link to edit.

Hi @Rich I like your sample Apps a lot :slight_smile:

I can help with German and Albanian language.

Good afternoon. I can translate Ukrainian and Russian correctly.

@rich Hi, I can help translate and comment on French.
Kind regards

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I can help with romanian language, if still needed.