Create a report that only contains the selected records

hello everyone, again I need your knowledge !!
I comment on my problem. My app has a screen from where you can view the daily activities of the team.

I need to create a report that only contains the selected records.

Is it possible to do it? Please, can you guide me to make this report?

Thanks a lot!

Yes !
Create a slice based on your Table ACTIVITIES, with row condition : [AREA] (just that, because it’s a Yes/No type)
Then make your report on it :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help! Regarding [AREA, it is not of type YES / NO.
Anyway, could you share an example with me to be able to replicate the case that I have raised?

Thanks a lot!


My mistake, I did not notice you where on a “delete mode” on your screenshot.

I think it could be interesting to add a “printReport” column, that you set as a first column on your view.
Then, on the same view, set this one as a “quick edit” column.

Here is a video explaining, step by step, how to do that:

(I made an error at interrupting too soon)
Here is the result:

Just to summarize, the main steps are:

  • add a Yes/No column “Print Report” column on your main table
  • create a BUTTON table with a yes/no column
  • create dashboard with your button view and the report view
    (this report view view should have the Yes/No column as a 1st column, I use a slice for it in order to avoid any mistake from users)
  • allow quick edit on report view
  • create a classic ON/OFF/Grouped action for firing report, based on BUTTON table
  • create Workflow based on BUTTON updpate
  • use the Report section to generate a PDF template for your report
  • copy/paste reference to your template, into the workflow

I made a few change to preserve some sensitive datas and set it in the portfolio as PF_PrintReport, so that you can look under the hood :slight_smile:

Let me know if that helps


Worth visiting this old post as well.


thank you very much @tsuji_koichi, surely the solution is genenial, but unfortunately I can’t see under the hood. Apparently in order to see your example, I have to make a payment. Is it really this way?
Again thank you very much…