Create a slice of what left

This app is for scan barcodes and updates data for gas reading.
I have a “database” table that includes all the names referenced to the barcodes.
the other table is “Reading”, which records all the gas reading

I’m trying to create a slice that includes all the barcode that left to do (from the database table)
let say I got 50 readings from 55 (55 are the total), that means I got 5 barcodes left, now I want a slice
of it.

I had tried:


I hope I have made myself clear…

thanks in advance :pray:t4: :smiley:


NOT(IN([barcode], SELECT(reading[barcode], ([_THISROW].[ID1] = [ID1]))))

It seems right. but it shows me all the barcodes.
in addition, the slice should be a tab on a dashboard…