Create a sum of todays repairs by line

I have an app which we use to record repairs details. I would like to set up an alert notification whenever a user has inputted a cetain amount of repairs. I have managed to create a VC which sums up the total repairs but am having trouble how to trigger a notification for example if the total for today exceeds 10 any suggestions as to how this may be acheived?

Hi Steve i konw how to send these the issue i am having is i only want it to send when a certain condition is met

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I have a form which users input Line eg Line1. Another column for quantity and another for date. What i want to achieve is a sum of todays Quantity by line and if it exceeds a set amount to notify me. I have a Virtual Column in my Line table which gives me a sum of repairs by line. Can i create a VC column which just sums up todays? I do not have a date column in my Line table, the date is housed in my repairs table. I have created a slice for my repair table that shows me todays repairs only and have grouped that in a view. The issue is i am not sure how to use that grouping to trigger a notification.

I’m having trouble understanding your most recent post. Please add some punctuation to clarify. For instance, is there a question in there?

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Based on my understanding, I would suggest adding a virtual column to the Lines table that computes the number of today’s repairs per line. Perhaps call the column Repairs Today with an App formula expression of either:

SUM(SELECT([Related Repairs][Quantity], ([Date] = TODAY())))


SUM(SELECT(Repairs[Quantity], AND(([Line] = [_THISROW].[Line]), ([Date] = TODAY()))))

The workflow would be attached to the Repairs table, but would look to the Lines table to decide whether to send the notification:

([Line].[Repairs Today] >= 10)

In all of the above, I’ve assumed the Line column of the Repair table is a Ref to the corresponding row in the Lines table.

Note that the notification would be sent for every repair added once the threshold is crossed. If you want it to be sent only once a day (e.g.), you’ll have to devise a method to limit it.

See also:

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Thank you very much that has generated exaclty what i needed will work out how to limit it if required.

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